Introducing CDM 2015.

If you are planning a building project of whatever size it is important you are aware of Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015. If the project is your undertaking then you as the Client will have responsibility to ensure that the project is properly planned for safety and that anyone that you use for the project has the necessary Skills Knowledge and Experience for the roles that you give them.

Commercial Clients

A Commercial Client is typically a business. This will include also landlords, property developer’s shops and landowner.

Domestic Clients.

A Domestic Client is undertaking work purely for themselves. This includes people who are building a house or undertaking demolition, extension, renovation or repair of their property for their private use.

For most type of projects we can help Clients, Principal Designers and Principal Contractors meet their requirements. We can also undertake health and safety monitoring throughout the contract and ensure safety standards are maintained.

CDM Regulation 2015

CDM 2015 came into force on the 6th April 2015. There is further guidance on the regulation is available on the Health and Safety web site

The changes are that the role of the CDMC has been removed and the responsibilities have been reallocated to the Client, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.

The Client takes on more responsibility as head of the supply chain. As head of the supply chain their decisions are pivotal to how the contract is done whether through cost, programme or design preference. These decisions all have an effect of how safely a project can be delivered. It is rare that a Client has the necessary time and skill to be able to cover their responsibilities and therefore would appoint a competent and disinterested professional. Whereas this was previously a role undertaken by a CDMC it is a role that will be undertaken initially by the Principal Designer. The Principal Designer is not responsible for the appointment of the Principal Contractor unless this is agreed before appointment.

There is a requirement to confirm competence prior to any appointment to the management team. This is through skills, knowledge, training , experience, and organisational capability. This will demonstrate that construction project teams have the right attributes to deliver a safe project.

The Principal Designer is intended to be part of the design team.

The Principal Contractor will take on more responsibility in the delivery of the Health and Safety File.

CDM will also apply to Domestic Clients.